Progressive Automotive XPRIZE Competition Guidelines [PDF  ]

(Version 1.3; Released December 21, 2009)

Please note when reviewing these Competition Guidelines that the actual start date and frequency of Competition events, the number of venues, and the geographic distribution of venues is subject to change.

For practical reasons, the detailed race courses cannot be specified until much closer to the events themselves, when local support, local sponsors, media partners, and other factors are known. Indeed, even if we knew the detailed courses today, as a matter of principle we would not announce them, as they should not to be the focus of vehicle design.

Progressive Insurance Automotive XPRIZE Addendum to the Competition Guidelines – Supplemental Regulations [PDF  ]

(Version 2.2; Released June 8, 2010)

These Supplemental Regulations are an amendment and addendum to the Competition Guidelines and are meant to augment the Competition Guidelines by combining the Technical Specifications with information intended to clarify and quantify the rules of the Competition so that they can be easily understood and fairly applied during the events. Items in this document supersede statements regarding the same topic in previous documentation. Items not addressed in this Addendum should be considered to still be governed by Competition Guidelines v1.3 and/or the Vehicle Technical Specifications. As agreed to in Section 5.1(a) of the Master Team Agreement, Teams must comply with this amendment to the Competition Guidelines.

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