Deborah Yetunde Fadeyi

Deborah Yetunde Fadeyi

CEO, Vectar Energy

Deborah possesses 9 years of transnational experience within civil society, public policy, academia, and entrepreneurship related to energy access and sustainability. She is trained in nonprofit leadership, SMEs for stakeholder capitalism, and sustainability innovation. She has considerable expertise with a remarkable track record of championing impactful energy access interventions focusing on renewable energy solutions for the most vulnerable and marginalised population and promoting environmental sustainability campaigns to increase the awareness of environmental issues and drive change.

She constantly seeks platforms and opportunities to contribute significantly to effective policies and programs that shape and determine energy access opportunities and experiences, especially for socioeconomically marginalized groups and disadvantaged communities across Nigeria. She has delivered local inclusive projects in renewable energy and managed a team of over 200 people in different areas, deploying multidisciplinary led solutions for sustainability in Nigeria. She has participated in several policy development engagements such as C40 cities in the development of policies and commitments that support increased energy access, energy efficiency and access to marginalised areas in Nigeria to meet Nationally Determined Contributions. Also, she participated as a speaker at the recently concluded IEA-COP26 on NetZero policies with World leaders from over 40 countries. 

BBC describes her as a multiple award winning environmentalist. Recently, she was nominated for the prize for community action by the future awards Africa and is a One Young World Scholar sponsored by the Audi Environmental Foundation. 

Her ultimate goal is to leverage her competencies across policies, research and practice, entrepreneurship domains to democratise energy access and sustainability, ultimately enable smooth energy transition for sustainability for Millions. She is currently building Vectar Energy, invested in integrating CleanTech with FinTech , delivering incentivised, low carbon , data driven and cost effective energy solutions to users.