Jennifer Masaoay

Associate, Digital Asset Management and Production, Global Marketing and Communications

I Prize Creativity.

Jen joins the MARCOM team as an Associate Assistant Editor/Digital Librarian Assets Manager. Jen’s responsibilities as an Assistant Editor include organizing, prepping, cutting, and uploading of video footage. As Digital Librarian, Jen’s role involves processing, cataloging, and archiving the Foundation digital media assets.

Prior to at XPRIZE, Jen has had 13 years of experience in editorial and production roles in various media formats. Jen has worked on production and post-production on several web series (Next New Networks, Channel 101), on-set for toy commercials (Image Line Productions for Mattle, WWE), on-the-field/post-production on documentaries (R. Rock Enterprise/Sanrio/Pressure Point), and post-production on reality television programs. Aside from production, Jen spent 3 years was a Digital Archive Assistant for the Natural History Museum. Jen holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Cinema from the University of Southern California.

Jen has worked various roles on nominated and awarded projects: 2009 Webby nomination for Best Editing (Editor), 2009 Channy win for Best Production Design (Production Designer), 2010 Channy win for Best Production Design (Production Designer), 2012 Emmy Winner for Outstanding Lifestyle Program, Cars.TV (Assistant Editor), & 2014 Logan win for Outstanding Comedy Music Video (Production Designer).