New Episode: The Future of Conservation feat. Harrison Ford, Wes Bush

Jun 22 2020

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Welcome to Season 2 of “Future Positive,” a podcast from XPRIZE that aims to bring you the most future-forward topics, covering everything from AI to avatars, to climate change, and more. We will share conversations from game-changing leaders, tech entrepreneurs and heavyweights from the creative industry - revealing their inspirations, and how and why they will change the world. Season 2 guests include actor, aviator, and environmental activist Harrison Ford, sci-fi writer Kim Stanley Robinson, actor, director, and author LeVar Burton and more. If you’re into data-driven optimism, this is the podcast for you. 

For our first episode, captured during Visioneering at Paramount Studios, Peter H. Diamandis is joined by Harrison Ford and Wes Bush from Conservation International. In a thrilling discussion, they discuss the urgency to change the economics, behaviors and political will in order to save the planet.  It requires the support of everyone, and will rely on technological innovation and new economic incentives to move in the right direction, quickly.  

SEASON 02, EPISODE 01 - Peter H. Diamandis feat Harrison Ford, Wes Bush

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